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Veronica Mae // Reveal // Inspire


This! This is the start of something that I have been very excited for, for the last few weeks. Over the next several months I will be featuring creatives on my blog that I respect as artists and thinkers, and here is the first!

reveal // layer // light // texture // nature // fresh // breeze // life // align // imprint
experience // dimension // depth // illusion // balance // subtle // unconventional


Veronica Mae is a multidisciplinary artist, model, entrepreneur and quite honestly one of the most talented individuals I know. Veronica is a good friend of mine and someone I have known my entire life. Friends like that are wonderfully rare. So over the next few months I will be showing you her beautiful creations and give you a little insight into her creative mind, modeling, and her love for travel! These moodboards are the beginning of her new personal brand that we will be collaborating on together. Very exciting!

Keep tuned and and enjoy the beauty!

// All Images acquired by Veronica Mae, and organized by yours truly.

Jon Kingmoodboard, veronica mae