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Veronica Mae // "Qualitarian"

Veronica Mae // a multidisciplinary designer, model, entrepreneur,  interior and fashion stylist based in St. Paul MN. She is a lifelong friend and this interview was so much fun to do! Please enjoy! Also make sure to check out our collaborative work on her new logo here!


What is the first thing you did this morning?   I opened my Bible. Then looked up at the draped fabric above my bed, which reminded me of sails on a ship. Then I wanted to be a pirate. I don't think I will ever grow up. It was like a hybrid Peter Pan moment.

What is a challenge that you have faced?   Perfectionism: being ok with being human, and knowing that I can’t do everything that my brain thinks of. I realize I need to do as much as I can with the time that I have. I wish I could do it all since I am inspired by everything all the time, but it just isn’t possible. In overcoming aspects of desiring perfection I’ve learned I need to embrace the parts of a process that aren't what I originally planned them to be, but are still essential to the final result.


Describe an accomplishment that you have achieved?   Immediately I thought of an accomplishment as something that the rest of world would view as an accomplishment. Like graduating from college, getting a degree in something that I have felt was part of my identity since I was little, or following through and starting a career in that field. BUT I think that the true accomplishment is less about the diploma I received and more about maintaining passion in my talents, which then translates into what is brought to the creative world, and what I can bring to the world creatively. Many can earn degrees but unless you have that passion, and a humble confidence, I don't think you can take as impactful of strides in the endeavors you pursue.

What do you wish to accomplish?   I strive to continue bringing things into the world that it has never seen. Whatever that means. Things that make people look twice and make them think about their perspective in life or lead them to perceive life in a different way.

Describe one thing you have learned?   Exploring as many ideas as possible and embracing variety in what you are seeking, is best. Don't limit your brain or your options based on what you know, or what is typically done. Results are always better when you get as much down as you can, and then refine from that.


You are a fiend at networking. How do you network, and why are you so successful?   The most impactful networking never takes place in the venues that I think it will. I try to keep an open mind and be aware of opportunities at all times. It’s not just at specific events, showrooms, galleries, or a design conference that I am seeking out new relationships. I explore and am open to meeting people while I'm at a coffee shop or waiting for the rail or in line at target. Being curious about other peoples’ stories gives me this edge because everyone knows someone, who knows someone, who knows the world.

If your creative work was edible what would it taste like?   I immediately thought of a mojito. I just had to include that. That’s what I immediately thought of even though that’s not food. ;)

I am a “qualitarian” when it comes to food so it would probably taste like what a fresh garden would. Everyone’s favorite in-season veggie and fruit is different, so my work should taste different to different viewers. That’s why it would be the whole garden.

…Or maybe it would just taste like garden mint. Why? Because mojitos.


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Veronica Mae // brittany obee photography // Faith Lord Photograhy // Taylor Hall Obrien