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aka. Fall Mix Tape.

Because I have been doing freelance all fall since I moved back to Madison in August I have been listening to music non stop. I mean I usually listen to music non stop seeing as I have a degree in it. And I typically dont do well with silence but I think I have hit a new level of obsession with the music I have been listening to the last few months.

The bands on this mix are the sickest of the sick. They are  all very different in their own right, which is awesome because they all inspire me differently. That's right. Inspiration. Music is definitely one of my inspirations for visual design. I think it would be sweet to add songs to mood boards. This is why I the title is Aural Moodboard. Music is such a relatable experience, and it would ad interactivity and multiple senses into our design concepts! It would be so sweet. Thoughts anyone? Would that be cool?

Either way, listen to the gigs on this mix. Some you may have heard of. Some you may not know. But while you are out there living your day turn these tunes up and let me know what you think.

Listen //  Spotify

 1. Silhouette // Active Child, feat. Ellie Goulding
2. The Mother We Share // CHVRCHES
3. Primetime // Janelle Monáe, feat. Miguel
4. Is It Too Much // Ra Ra Riot
5.  Swingin Party // Lorde
6.  Running If You Call My Name // Haim
7. Tell Mama // The Civil Wars
8.  Lies // CHVRCHES
9. Playing House // Active Child, How To Dress Well
10. Landfill // Daughter, Igor Haefeli
11. Panic Station // Muse

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